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Paddy Monaghan thanks Samuel Kwok

Paddy and Sam friends and fighting legends

Originally wrote by paddy on 6th February, 2008

"I am not the sort of person who is easily impressed, but on the very rare occasions I am, I make it known. Subjects such as honour, genuineness, dedication, discipline and loyalty set into anyone's personality in their vocation in life, impresses me most of all. Hence my reason for putting pen to paper to express my inner feelings which come from the heart.

Paddy and Sam Kwok In this case the subjects are Wing Chun and the worlds foremost ambassador of Wing Chun Grand Master Samuel Kwok. I am honoured to have know this man and his teachings for a number of years now. After seeing his DVD's I must say, I'm highly impressed. Wing Chun is NOT a sport, however as a sportsman I can still relate to it as my profession is Bare Knuckle Boxing. Grand Master Samuel Kwok and myself have the greatest respect for each other as in the blood flowing through our veins, I feel it my duty to inform everyone who has an interest in Wing Chun, or the martial arts to take heed and digest some of the great knowledge only Sifu Samuel Kwok can give, and I would encourage anyone with interest in Wing Chun or other martial arts to make contact and digest the teachings of Sifu Samuel Kwok. This truly great warrior/fighter, and myself have developed an unbreakable bond over the years, it is a bond that only fighters can share, there are only two men in this world I refer to as my brother's, namely Grand Master Samuel Kwok and Muhammad Ali. Two of the world's greatest warriors.

Yours Sincerely,
Paddy Monaghan "

(Undefeated former BKB, Middleweight Champion Of The World)

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The above clip shows Paddy's tribute to Master Kwok. Paddy had his World Championship belt stolen from him, and as a good friend, Sam had a replica made for Paddy and presented it to him in 2008.

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