Pak Sau - Wing Chun technique

Article by Dan Knight added on 30 Aug 2012. Last updated on 9 Oct 2012.

The Technique - Pak Sau

Pak Sau From Sil Lim Tao The Pak Sao is one of the fundemantal Wing Chun blocks. The practitioner uses the palm of the hand to deflect attacks past the body. The Pak Sau is a variation and refinement of a natural human reflex many people already posses.

In the Forms

First appearance in the system:

Sil Lim Tao, done at the end of the first section as seen in the photo and the third section.

Other appearances in the forms

It is also done downwards in Chun Kiu we call this a Kop Sau. The Pak Sau also appears throughout the wooden dummy form (Mok Yang Jong).

Applications of Pak Sau

As a cover

Pak Sau can be used to deflect straight attacks that have been aimed at the practitioners head. The Pak Sau should never go out further than needed to push the punch past the body. Use foot work and turning to make the technique more effective. It is important to ensure you try to block further up their opponents arm (towards their elbow). This ensures you have more control of the attacking arm and the opponent it also means they cannot use their elbow to block or counter like they could if you connected the Pak Sau at the wrist.

In Chi Sau

Pak Sau can be used in Chi Sau to both cover attacks against you and to Pak the opponents guard out of the way. During Break Away Chi Sau you will find the Pak Sau very useful. It is also possible to counter a Pak Sau with your own Pak done faster, this will require a video to properly explain so why not sign up to the newsletter on the right to find out when we add new videos about subjects like this.

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