Bong Sau - Wing Chun technique

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The Technique - Bong Sau

Bong Sau by Sam Kwok The Bong Sao or wing arm is a deflecting technique that features quite heavily in the Wing Chun forms. It is performed by rolling the forearm out and the raising the elbow up.

In the Forms

First appearance in the system:

Sil Lim Tao, done in the third section.

Other appearances in the forms

Chum Kiu, throughout the form and the wooden dummy form (Mok Yang Jong).

Bong Sau Applications

From a Lap Sau or pull

Bong Sau is best used to counter things like a Lap Sau and punch. If you are being pulled into a strike at the wrist, you are still free to rotate the forearm and raise the elbow into a Bong Sau. The enables you to have both your opponents hands on your Bong meaning your other hand is free to strike and counter, or cover something unpredictable. This is the best use of a Bong Sau. If trapped you can also use the Bong Sau to deflect attacks against you.

As a deflection

The Bong Sau can be used to receive straight punches however due to the complexity of the movement it is not recommended. There is almost always a simpler and quicker technique that can be used.

In Chi Sau

In Chi Sau the Bong Sau plays a crucial role in both the basic rolling of Chi Sau and in the continued unpredictable attack and defence that follows. The Bong Sau makes and extremely effective counter to a classic Bong to Lap Sau from your opponent.

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