Huen Ma Circle Stepping

Article by Dan Knight added on 2 Aug 2012.

The Wing Chun Circle Stepping

Huen Ma is the name of the Wing Chun footwork from the third form Biu Gee and means circle stance. Hune Ma helps change direction quickly and safely.

Huen Ma comes from Biu Gee

Huen Ma Stepping | Circling Wing Chun StanceHuen Ma or 'circling stance' is the stance and footwork that is developed in the 3rd form Biu Gee. Huen Ma is extremely effective when combined with the footwork of Biu Ma. Huen Ma enables the practitioner to shift weight and change position quickly and safely. Starting from the basic position of Biu Ma, the weight from the back leg is shifted forward onto the front leg as the back leg moves towards it. The front leg then becomes the back leg with the weight now sitting on that leg, and what was previously the back leg is thrust forward. To look at it another way the back leg does a half circle to become the new front leg.

The Huen Ma is a very flexible movement and can be used and applied in a multitude of different ways. It can be used to aggressively receive attacks or to circle around your opponent to attack them from a different angle. It can also be used to manoeuvre safely when fighting multiple opponents.

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