Biu Sau

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The Technique - Biu Sau

Biu Sau by Sam Kwok The Biu Sao or thrusting fingers is one of the many Wing Chun moves which can be use both as a block and as a strike. It can be used to deflect any attack around shoulder height or above. Or it can be use to strike to the eyes and throat.

In the Forms

First appearance in the system:

Sil Lim Tao, done with both hands in the second section.

Other appearances in the forms

Biu Gee, throughout the form and the wooden dummy form (Mok Yang Jong).

Alternative Spellings

Biu Sau is sometimes spelled Bil Sau or Biu Sao. Sau means hand and sometimes people use Gee or Tse instead which means fingers for example Biu Tze.

Biu Sau Applications

As a strike

Biu Sau can be used to hit soft spots on your opponent including the eyes and neck. Some people also apply it to Chinese pressure points on the chest. However you should be cautious of using it as a strike if you have not conditioned your fingers as they may break and hurt you more than your opponent, especially if you strike a hard target like the forehead by mistake (or your opponent ducking).

As a block

Biu Sau can be used to deflect both straight and swinging attacks aimed at the practitioners head. The height and position of the Biu should be adjusted according to the height and angle of the attack. Try to avoid a clash of force and send the Biu Sau forwards instead of out. Use foot work and turning to make the technique more effective. Aim to get on the outside of your opponent by stepping 45 degrees. Aim the fingers at their eyes to get the position if the Biu correct in relation to the incoming attack (if its straight). Perform this technique from the Wing Chun guard and avoid deviating too far from the centreline unless absolutely needed.

In Chi Sau

Biu Sau can be used in Chi Sau if you are in doubt of the attack coming or if you loose contact. It is good because it covers most straight (and therefore quick) attacks and if the attack is slow to come or the opponent does not attack it will force them to block so they don't get a Biu in the face.

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