Tribute to Sam Kwok's teaching

Article by Angela Minerva added on 24 Jul 2012.

Why Master Kwok's teaching is great

Angela Minerva talks about Master Kwok's teaching of Wing Chun

After studying wing chun for fifteen years we were blessed to become students of Sifu Samuel Kwok. Immediately we were impressed with his knowledge and his abilibty to teach. In America there are plenty of instructors that either just want your money or have limited knowledge. The instructors that are after your money drag out your training through years and decades of requirments. The instructors that have limited knowledge will leave you to try and figure it out on your own with comments like "it's not working because you are not doing it right", never explaining or teaching the correct method.

Over the past two years we have been able to learn so much from Sifu Kwok. His knowledge base and ability to pass on information is amazing. He has the ability to teach in a manner that makes learning simple. For fifteen years the concepts that were complicated are now simple due to his teaching. Being from America we don't get to see Sifu very often; however, this has not hindered our learning from him. He has a distance learning program, videos, and corresponds with us regularly to help us with our training. After fifteen years of prior training he has taken our Wing Chun to a whole new level in an incredibly short amount of time. Sifu's goal is to pass on to students Ip Man Wing Chun and so he teaches freely what he knows to those who are willing to learn. We fully recommend Sifu Kwok to all who are interested in learning Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun.

Sifu Angela Minerva

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