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Tips to practising the Wooden Dummy Techniques

Note, Ip Ching spell our martial art as Ving Tsun instead of Wing Chun. The pronunciation is the same in Cantonese.

As explained by Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Ching

ip Ching snapping a dummy arm Muk-Yan-Chong (Wooden Dummy Form) is the essence of the three sets of Ving Tsun Kung fu forms, and is also the key to training your ability in Ving Tsun Kung fu. There is a saying, "if you practice kung fu without training hard, you will end up with nothing." I have seen a lot of people practice the Wooden Dummy form incorrectly. On the surface, their strokes seem full of power. Those who know nothing about the principles of Ving Tsun kung fu would be very impressed. But this kind of practice is only superficial. Some of the fact is that this kind of practice Ving Tsun kung fu. For instance when practising the Wooden Dummy form, in the course of changing from Tan Sau to Garn Sau, some people do not take the shortest distance. Rather, to generate power, they draw their hands back. Then they hit the dummy with great force. The fact is that this kind of practice defeats the purpose. The dummy is your opponent. And the moment you pull your arm back, you leave an opening to be attacked.

It is not difficult to become proficient in the Wooden Dummy form. When you practice, adjust the dummy to a suitable height. You also need to understand the application of stroke movements for the dummy and how you switch from defense to offence. In addition, you must be aware of the principles of practising the Wooden Dummy form as well as the correct hand movements and footwork for every stroke. In performing every set and stroke, you must pay attention to have the waist and footing coordinated in exerting force.

I hope that all Ving Tsun clansmen will assess their movements in each stroke in practising the Wooden Dummy form to find out whether they are in line with the principles of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

Watch Ip Ching Break a Wooden Dummy Arm

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