The Keys to Chi Sau

Article by Samuel Kwok added on 1 Aug 2012.

Keys to Chi Sau

Originally written on 29th October 2008

Some of the Keys to Chi Sau often called sticking hands

Chi Sau is sometimes spelled Chi Sao and often called sticking hands. This article outlines some of the Key points

  • Chi Sau is the most important part of the system.
  • Chi Sau is not a form of kata.
  • Chi Sau is not a form of sparring.
  • Chi Sau is the bridge between techniques from the forms and real fighting.
  • The forms are always the same.
  • Chi Sau is free development.
  • Every session is different.
  • Some sessions look similar but they are different.
  • The difference between Chi Sau and fighting is that a fight produces a winner and a loser by points or K.O., and it is not important in Chi Sau which person gets hit. Chi Sau is only a form of training.
  • The main objectives are good hand techniques, positions, sensitivity and reflexes.
  • If the basics are wrong the defence will be poor.
  • If two people Chi Sau with the sole aim of knocking each other down the real point of Chi Sau training will be missed.
  • Chi Sau develops good hand techniques from the forms, e.g. Tan, Bong, Fook Sau and provides a method to promote a better understanding of the basic techniques and learn to recognise mistakes.
  • Through Chi Sau more advanced techniques can be gradually introduced.
Ip Ching and Sam Kwok doing Chi Sao

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The above clip shows Grandmaster Kwok doing Chi Sau with his Sifu Grandmaster Ip Ching. This footage was taken during one of Sam Kwok's trips to China.

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