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Article by Dan Knight added on 23 Jul 2012.

This sub category contains articles on Wing Chun Kung Fu written by guest instructors and martial arts practitioners around the world.

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Ip Ching on Sil Lim Tau

Grandmaster Ip Ching (Sometimes spelled Yip Ching) talks about Wing Chuns first form Sil Lim Tao (sometimes spelled Siu Nim Tao) and how to train it properly.

Ip Ching on Wooden Dummy

Tips to practising the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Techniques and form by Grandmaster Ip Ching.

BJJ and Wing Chun

In recent years that old friendship between Wing Chun and BJJ in Chicago has developed anew. The productive relationship between the two arts began in 2003 when wing chun teacher, Philip Nearing, began crosstraining jiujitsu with Carlson Gracie sr.

Wooden Dummy Plans

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy plans to make your own wooden dummy form technical drawings. Info and plans about Wing Chun dummies.

Strength Training and Wing Chun

Physical strength is a controversial topic in Wing Chun, instructor David Jarrett talks about it in his article here. Including facts, myths and info on weight lifting for Martial arts.

Sam Kwok Coaching a boxer

This article and video shows some of a session where master Kwok worked with a professional boxer to show him a bit about how Wing Chun fights. Wing Chun and boxing.

Martial Arts Training Advice

In this article I will outline an approach to training Wing Chun or any martial art, that will guarantee improvement and make students better at self defence and fighting.

The Wing Chun Centerline

What is the Centreline? Wing Chun base's its attacks and defence around the centerline in order to maintain Wing Chun principles like economy of motion.

Softness in the Art of Wing Chun

The use of Softness in the Art of Wing Chun, by Steven Williams. Hard and soft energy use in Kung Fu.

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