Ju Cheung Palm Strike

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The Technique - Ju Cheung

Samuel Kwok Wing Chun technique, palm strike - Ju CheungJu Cheung is a powerful 'sideward palm' strike that uses the heel of the palm to strike an opponent. It is seen in the first form striking to the lower "floating" ribs.

In the Forms

First appearance in the system:

Sil Lim Tao in the third section.

Other appearances in the forms

Biu Gee the wooden dummy form (Mok Yang Jong).

Alternative Spellings

Ju Cheung is sometimes spelled Ju Jeung. Jeung or Cheung refer to the palm. Wang Jeung also means sideways palm strike.

Ju Cheung Applications

As a strike

The aim is to use the heel of the palm to strike to the lower body or ideally the liver or floating ribs. The floating ribs are the bottom two in the ribcage and are so called, because they are attached to the vertebrae only, and not to the sternum or cartilage coming off the sternum. They are situated quite far around the body and are not easy to strike but they are easier to break. The area around the liver is also very vulnerable to Ju Cheung strikes.

When applying a low palm strike like Ju Cheung, it's important to make sure you are out of your opponents centreline so they cannot hit high as you hit low. Ideally use Biu Ma to get around your opponent before hitting low with the palm. Ju Cheung is easily countered with a Gaun Sau technique.

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