Jum Sau

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The Technique - Jum Sau

Jum Sau Jum Sau is yet another technique which can be used both as a block and a strike. It is one of the few Wing Chun blocks which is performed with power, that is not to say the block uses a clash of force just that power is applied to 'strike' when blocking to cause damage the aggressor.

In the Forms

First appearance in the system:

Sil Lim Tao - second section, performed with both hands

Other appearances in the forms

Chum Kiu, Biu Gee and with Knives in the Baat Cham Dao form as a Jum Dao.

Applications of Jum Sau

As a block

Jum Sau is ideally used as a block to cover your mid section when you arm is high or off the centreline. It's good for dealing with attacks that are straight and lower than chest height.

The inside of the forearm is used to guide the punch past the body. The Jum Sau technique should always be sent towards your opponents centreline. It is easy to get Jum Sau wrong resulting in a clash of force. if this happens practice sliding the Jum Sau against the attacking punch to avoid this happening.

To Attack

Jum Sau can be used to strike the collar bone of an attacker like the motion at the start of Chum Kiu. It can also be used to strike the back of the neck when an opponent attempts to tackle you. When attacking with a Jum Sau motion, use the palm of the hand and avoid using the wrist as this can damage the wrist joint.

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