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Ip Man Wing Chun Master In Suit ip man passport not yip man ip man turning punch.jpg ip man on phone.jpg martial arts illustrated 2005 yip man.jpg ip man knife form wing chun dao.jpg ip man and bruce lee.jpg yip man dummy kick.jpg older ip mand picture.jpg Yip or Ip Man Magazine Cover.jpg Yip Man seated in magazine interview.jpg Yip Man being interviewed.jpg Yip Man being interviewed by Martial Arts Hero.jpg Ip Man showing of his Kung Fu.jpg ip family from left to right ching man and chun.jpg ip man old photo.jpg ip man and many of his students.jpg ip man seated.jpg ip man and some of his students.jpg ip man and ho kam ming dummy.jpg ip man seminar at ho kam ming school watching sparring.jpg ip man id card.jpg

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Ip Man's Biography

Article by Dan Knight written on 20 Jul 2012
Learn about the life of the martial arts legend who has influenced millions of martial artists around the world including many famous martial artists like the late Bruce Lee.

Ip Man or Yip Man

Article by Dan Knight written on 20 Jul 2012
You will often see people referring to the late grandmaster of Wing Chun as both Yip Man and Ip Man. So which spelling is right?

Interview with Grandmaster Yip Man

Article by Ip Man written on 22 Jan 2014
The Following interview comes from an old issue of Hong Kong New Martial Hero magazine it is one of the two ever published interviews with Yip Man sifu.

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